Joseph Never Dreamed This Would Happen! (Part 1)

Lynn VanBibber
Heartland News Writer

I have shared lots of very interesting stories from the Old Testament with you and and today we’re going to talk about Jacob. He had 12 sons! Wow! Their names were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph, and Benjamin, the baby. Imagine what it was like being part of THAT family! I’ll bet it was pretty noisy! It seems like it would be fun though . . . well, maybe MOST of the time. But there was this ONE BIG PROBLEM. That ONE PROBLEM was . . . JOSEPH! Joseph had 10 brothers older than him and Benjamin who was younger. So, how, you may ask, could Joseph be such a BIG PROBLEM?? The problem was that their father, Jacob, liked Joseph better than all of his other sons and to make matters worse . . . his other sons knew it!! So of course the 10 older brothers were jealous and did not like Joseph very much. NOT GOOD!!
Jacob was very rich and owned a LOT of livestock and the older brothers spent their days tending all those flocks. One day, when Joseph was about 17, he was working with his brothers and when he got home he gave his father a very bad report about them.
Maybe he said his brothers were not taking care of the animals properly or that his brothers were being lazy. But whatever Joseph told his father about his brothers would have probably gotten his them into big trouble so Joseph’s brothers would have been pretty mad! They were probably muttering among themselves, “why that little tattle tale! Who does he think he is? Talking about us like that!!” Yep . . . THEY HATED HIM!
Then there was the time when Jacob had a wonderfully decorated robe made especially for Joseph. . . just because he loved him SO much! It was very colorful and beautiful! Well!! When the older brothers saw that coat it only made them hate Joseph more! They could hardly speak a kind word to him or even look at him! My, my . . . THIS WAS VERY BAD!!
Joseph didn’t seem to realize there was a problem but his brothers . . . oh my! They were very jealous and very angry with Joseph. They didn’t even want to be around him anymore. The situation was very bad but it was just about to get MUCH WORSE!! How could things get worse?? Joseph had a dream! The next morning as Joseph cheerfully came in for breakfast, he said to his brothers, “Hey guys, wait till you hear what I dreamed last night.” They probably all rolled their eyes and kept on eating their barley cakes. But Joseph continued, “You gotta’ hear this. I dreamed that we were all tying up grain into bundles and MY bundle stood straight up but your bundles . . . your bundles bowed down to mine.” Oh dear!! That started a HUGE argument! “Our bundles did what??”
“Do you think you’re going to be some kind of a KING or something and rule over us?” “Fat chance little brother”! Now they hated Joseph even MORE! And when it looked like things couldn’t possibly get worse . . . THINGS GOT WORSE!! Joseph had ANOTHER
DREAM! It was a doozie and he just couldn’t WAIT to tell his brothers about it!!
“Hey, listen everyone . . . I had another dream!” Joseph announced as if he expected his brothers to be HAPPY about this. His brothers glared at him. They were so . . . NOT . . . happy! “But THIS time”, Joseph continued, “The sun and the moon and 11 stars
were ALL bowing down to ME.” Well!! You probably guessed it . . . THAT started ANOTHER HUGE argument! Joseph’s brothers were FURIOUS with him! This time, even his father thought the dream was a bit much. “What is this dream about?” Jacob asked,
“If the 11 stars are supposed to be your brothers . . .then the sun and the moon are you Mother and me? Do you really think we are ALL going to bow down to you?” After Joseph’s dreams, things were not going well at ALL! Oh dear, oh dear!!
Then one day Joseph’s brothers were tending their father’s flocks and they had to go a long way from home to find good ground for them to graze. They had been gone for quite a while when Jacob said, “Joseph, I want you to go find where you brothers are
working with the flocks. I want you to check on them to make sure all is well and bring me a report.” So Joseph set out to find his brothers. He traveled quite a way when suddenly, off in the distance, he could see them. Since Joseph was wearing the beautiful
brightly colored coat his father had made especially for him . . . his brothers could see him too. “Oh great . . . here comes the DREAMER”, they said to each other. And when they thought about those dreams and they saw that beautiful coat . . . they got mad all
over again! And before Joseph even got to them they started plotting how they could do away with him! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!
Poor Joseph never saw it coming! His brothers grabbed him, tore off his beautiful robe and through him in a pit! Joseph must have been terrified!! And then . . . THEN they sat down to eat their lunch. Unbelievable! While they were eating they looked up and
saw a caravan coming on camels that were loaded with things they were headed to Egypt to sell. Then the brothers had an idea . . . “let’s sell Joseph to this caravan. They can take him with them to Egypt and sell him as a slave! That way we won’t have any blood on OUR hands . . . nothing will be OUR fault . . . and we won’t have to see that rotten little dreamer ever again!!”
What will happen to Joseph in Egypt?
What will the brothers tell Jacob when he asks where his beloved son Joseph is?
And the BIGGEST question . . . do you think Joseph will ever forgive his brothers??
ALL these questions will be answered NEXT time! Be sure to get the next issue to find out all of the AMAZING things that happened to Joseph!! Did you know that Joseph also had one sister?


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