Author Heads for “Viking” Territory


Cheri McLaughlin
Heartland News Writer

This Fall, our founder/president, M,A,Yah is headed for Minnesota. “Books will sell better in ‘Viking territory,’” said M,A,Yah. His goal is to sell at least 250,000 copies of the book before the end of football season.
“The Vicious Vikings” is the first of a 32 book football fantasy series, featuring an NFL team conquering the other 31 pro teams.
This series is a “must have” for football fanatics and poetry lovers alike. Since all 32 teams are represented, a fan will be able to see his/her favorite team whip the other teams.
“The Vicious Vikings,” looks like it would be for children, but it’s really a book for all ages.
This book has also been dubbed, “The Miracle Book,” by M,A,Yah, because the original manuscript survived the fire caused by arson to the first building The Heartland News headquarters was located in. Most of his property was destroyed, but it was as if angels had protected his precious manuscripts. The pattern of the fire appeared as if it had burned around the papers.
Because of the miracle, and his own life being spared, M,A,Yah has decided to use the proceeds from the sale of this first book and the others to follow, to help the homeless.

The Vicious Vikings book (left) Author, M,A,Yah (right)

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