The Heartland News is a nonprofit organization committed to ending poverty and homelessness in the Heartland and is a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). By hiring homeless and impoverished individuals in the community, as well as connecting these individuals with other organizations in the community in an effort to help improve their lives, The Heartland News hopes to completely erase homelessness and help fight poverty here in the Heartland.

The Fight Against Poverty Cannot be Fought Alone
Being a nonprofit organization, The Heartland News strives to connect the community with their efforts to re-equip those in the community who have become impoverished among us.
This is your chance to become part of the solution.

Poverty in America and The Heartland
According to the US Census, as of 2007, the number of Americans experiencing homelessness was estimated to be between 1.6 and 3.5 million, with the baseline of 2.5 million at any one time being the excepted number reflecting a daily average of homelessness. More than 31.5 million people, of which more than 12 million are children, live in poverty in America.  Nearly five million of those people live in deep poverty, or living below half the poverty line which is $10,890 for a single person and $18,530 for a family of three. Approximately 20,000 people are homeless in Nebraska, and 24,000 in Iowa, each night.  That’s enough to seat over half of the Huskers’ Memorial Field or the Hawkeyes’ Kinnick Stadium.
A recent study conducted by The National Association to End Homelessness showed that due to the recent continued length of the recession, more than 1.5 million people will join the homeless in the streets without serious intervention, a more than 12% increase, and the number of people living in deep poverty will increase from 4.5 million to 6.3 million, a 34% increase. The study highlights a number of solutions to help stave off these inevitable outcomes, two of which include “…improvement of the unemployment situation, and direct efforts to prevent homelessness.”

How Poverty Affects You and Your Business
Poverty affects everyone in the community, not just those individuals who are suffering the most severe consequences of being without a home. Government programs and subsidies are used every year to help fight the problem, with little change to the permanent problem.  These subsidies are funded by your tax dollars, both business and personal.  But even with these minimal efforts, homelessness and poverty is a growing problem.
According to national statistics, communities with a high level of poverty also experience a high level of violent crime, property destruction or defacement, and alcohol and drug-related crimes.  As a business owner, the added cost of insurance, security, and repairs to damaged property can grow expensive. There is a simpler, more cost-effective solution to these issues; fix the root cause of the societal problems, which is the growing number of impoverished Americans.

How Can I Join The Fight? 
The Heartland News is inviting you to become part of a Solution Seekers Advertising Program. Joining the fight against poverty is as simple as signing up today with a Heartland News representative, or send your sign up information to our offices.  If you would like to speak with one of our representatives, feel free to call or email.
All Solution Seekers are offered ad space in The Heartland News  corresponding with the size of their contribution. This is in  hope to build a network of Solution Seekers across the Heartland, dedicated to fighting poverty with job creation, and to eradicate homelessness in Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

How Your Contributions Help?
The Heartland News is not asking for a handout. We are offering you a chance to help your city by helping provide a hand up.
Your contributions primarily allow The Heartland News to print more papers, which in turn empowers The Heartland News to hire more Vendors and change more lives. Your contributions also serve through your ads as a way to inform the public of our fight against poverty and to connect them with those in the community with a sensitive ear, a caring heart, and a helping hand.
This is not your typical newspaper advertising campaign to keep the doors open and the printers rolling.  The Heartland News is committed to fully ending homelessness and to fighting poverty one dollar at a time.

Thank You!

If you’ve read this far, thank you. You are taking the first step to ending homelessness and fighting poverty in the Heartland by becoming informed. The Heartland News is the ONLY street newspaper in Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, and the organization is excited to introduce the Solution Seekers Advertising program, putting the fight against poverty into the hands of community leaders like you.   For more information, or to give a donation, place an ad or submit a story, call The Heartland News 402-208-7533. Or email:


Executive Director